Montessori Quality Assurance - An Overview

In looking for a quality Montessori school it is essential to remember that the name “Montessori” is not copyrighted, trademarked, or protected in any way. This means, unfortunately, that anyone can open a school and advertize that it is offering an authentic Montessori program. Schools are operated independently and are either privately owned or run by a non-profit association. The vast majority of schools calling themselves "Montessori" do offer a high quality and authentic Montessori program but a little research on your part can ensure you are making an informed choice for you and your child.

Partly to counter this lack of protection with the Montessori name, the Montessori Quality Assurance program was established in Canada to help parents identify the schools adhering to the principles and practices of the AMI (Association Montessori Internationale). Trained AMI Consultants visit the schools to promote ongoing professional development and support high quality, authentic Montessori programs. Schools meeting all of the Essential Characteristics of AMI Environments in support of the full development of the human being will be identified as AMI Recognized Schools. They will receive a certificate of AMI Recognition and will be identified as an AMI Recognized School on the Find a School page.

"Since the beginning Montessori pedagogy has been appropriated, interpreted, misinterpreted, exploited, propagated, torn to shreds and the shreds magnified into systems, reconstituted, used, abused and disabused, gone into oblivion and undergone multiple renaissances. Followers have lamented, detractors have vociferated." Renilde Montessori (from her article "The Common Sense of Montessori Pedagogy")

For further information contact the AMI (Canada) office or read more about Montessori Quality Assurance on this website.


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About the Montessori Quality Assurance Program