The role of the assistant is crucial to a harmonious Montessori environment that supports the development of children’s independence and concentration, facilitates children’s interactions and opportunities to help each other and allows the guide/teacher to fully implement her role.

The Assistant:

  • Assists in the preparation and maintenance of the prepared environment
  • Assumes a non-teaching role
  • Reinforces consistent limits with the children
  • Uses positive redirection
  • Models grace and courtesy with adults and children
  • Uses clear, precise, complete language
  • Uses a calm, soft voice
  • Observes children at all times and is available to do so
  • Provides feedback to Teacher re: observations of the children
  • Protects presentations given by Teacher from interruption
  • Protects concentration of children by limiting interruptions
  • Promotes independence, yet assists children as needed
  • Assists children as needed in social situations/conflict resolution
  • Assists the Teacher as needed
  • If the assistant speaks a second language in the environment, she strives to speak it consistently

The assistant and teacher must work together as a cohesive team; ongoing regular communication assists this collaboration. Together they prepare and maintain an orderly, attractive, and joyful environment. The assistant provides another pair of observant, attentive eyes and ears. Classroom assistants are crucial in modeling courteous and respectful behavior as well as contributing to the warm, supportive, and calm atmosphere that is the hallmark of AMI Montessori classrooms.

Resources for Assistants

  • Article: The Role of the Assistant, by Sandra Girlato (also available on the Publications page of this site)
  • Assistant Workshops (Visit the Events page for Professional Development Events.)
  • AMI Primary Assistants Courses are available at both Canadian Training Centres. An AMI Assistant Certificate will be issued upon completion of the Assistants’ Course. Visit the Montessori Training in Canada page for more information.